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is the must hear podcast if you are involved with the parking industry. This podcast is your one stop shop for insider news, discussions of best practices and (mostly) verbal dissection of industry innovations. Our charismatic hosts, Dani and John are determined to go after every tidbit of information you ever wanted to know about parking. It is also the best resource for gaining insight into what is going on in the parking industry, in a hugely entertaining way.

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Dani Crain lives in Denver Colorado with her beloved pup Axl. She’s a small-town girl from New Mexico who had big dreams to change the world, little did she know she would be doing just that, one parking space at a time. Dani has been in the consulting space for over 10 years; she successfully ran her own business in Denver for 4 years before moving into the wonderful world of parking and mobility. She has been in parking going on 7 years, her expertise is in parking operations with an emphasis on parking technology. When she’s not traveling coast to coast, she spends her time with a good book and glass of vino.

John D. Conway is a parking industry veteran with over 29 years of experience in transportation and parking operations. He is a founding member of Parking Revenue Recovery Services (PRRS) and contributed significantly to making PRRS the industry's leading compliance and data analytic services provider. John serves as Chief Business Development Officer and Executive Vice President at PRRS and continues to be the company’s visionary as a member of the Board of Directors. Previously, he served Denver Mayors Wellington Webb and John W. Hickenlooper as a commissioner on the Denver Parking Commission and was appointed by both administrations to serve two consecutive three-year terms. Recently he served on the Board of Directors for the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District. John is in possession of a vast parking industry knowledge, and he can’t wait to share it with you!

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The Dani & John Show

25 July 2023


Unlocking the Parking Industry: An Introduction to All Things Parking

Welcome to the first episode of All Things Parking with Dani and John! If you want to know what’s happening in the parking industry, meet the who’s who, and learn about the technology and innovations happening in parking and mobility, you’re in the right place.

27. July 2023


Parking on Thin Ice: The Delicate Balance Between Safety, Maintenance, and Liability

From the daily tasks of trash removal and property inspections to the critical issue of addressing hazards, garage managers and operators face the challenge and responsibility of ensuring the safety of both customers and staff.

10. August 2023


Beyond Parking Lots & Life After Parking, w/ Scott Souder of Mountain Parking

Scott Souder founded Mountain Parking Equipment almost thirty years ago and recently retired. A legend in the Denver parking industry, Scott talks with hosts Dani and John about all things parking, including going above and beyond when serving your customer, and selling the company he built from the ground up.

24. August 2023


Exploring APDS: Let’s Talk About the Alliance for Parking Data Standards

Imagine if the parking industry could share data with other industries not just here in the U.S. but also around the world. We’re a long way off from that being a reality. But there are a bunch of intelligent parking professionals working on trying to make that happen.

07. September 2023


Kendra Petty's Inspiring Journey: Surviving Trauma & Thriving in the Parking Industry

In this episode, John Conway, Dani Crain, and special guest Kendra Petty discuss Kendra's remarkable journey in the parking industry, her experiences with trauma and resilience, and her recently published memoir, 'I Can't Believe I'm Not Dead.'

21. September 2023


Bad Bosses Versus Great Leaders: The Evolution of Leadership in Parking

In this episode, Dani Crain and John Conway engage in a candid conversation about leadership, the impact of bad bosses, and the importance of fostering a culture of growth in the parking and mobility industry.

06. October 2023


Charity, Being Good Corporate Citizens, & the Power of Giving Back, w/ Tony DiPaolo

In this episode, your hosts Dani and John talk with Tony DiPaolo about communities coming together in incredible ways to support some amazing causes.

14. December 2023


Does Brand Loyalty Exist in Parking?

In this episode, hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway, joined by guest Bill Anderson, discuss the parking industry, emphasizing convenience, price, and safety in parking choices and examining brand loyalty at various levels.

21. December 2023


Joe Leung Interviews Dani & John About Parking, Walking On Stilts, & Juggling Basketballs

Joe Leung, with his extensive two-decade experience in the parking industry, currently serves as Vice President at OVG360, enhancing parking efficiency and revenue at multiple venues.

03. January 2024


Building a Dynamic Team: Embracing Diversity, w/ Joe Leung

Joe Leung, Dani Crain, and John D. Conway cover team diversity, data sharing challenges in the parking industry, and promoting women in male-dominated fields in their latest discussion.

11. March 2024


Accelerate: Parking Innovation Takes Center Stage at PIE 2024, w/ Kevin Uhlenhaker

Kevin Uhlenhaker discusses optimizing parking operations and the future of the industry, including the Accelerate competition at PIE 2024 and innovation in technology and enforcement.

11. March 2024


Accelerate: Parking Innovation Takes Center Stage at PIE 2024, w/ Kevin Uhlenhaker

Kevin Uhlenhaker discusses optimizing parking operations and the future of the industry, including the Accelerate competition at PIE 2024 and innovation in technology and enforcement.

28. March 2024


AI Alert: Are Robots Coming After Parking Operators’ Jobs?

Dani Crain and John D. Conway discuss the evolution of parking through digital payments, AI, and camera technology, while noting the importance of industry knowledge and the challenges of new tech adoption.

11. April 2024


The Great Parking Integration Game: Ethan Glass & Ocra vs. the Industry

In this episode, Dani Crain and John D. Conway discuss with Ethan Glass about Ocra, his innovative platform that centralizes parking management for enhanced efficiency and revenue.

25. April 2024


Dani & John’s Worst Parking Experiences & Biggest Frustrations w/ the Industry

In this podcast episode, hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway explore their frustrating parking experiences, discussing issues like tickets, towing, and the complexities of industry regulations and technological improvements.

16. May 2024


Park Smart, Partner Smarter: Collaborative Strategies in Parking, w/ Todd Tucker

Join hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway as they talk with Todd Tucker, Global President of Parking Logix, about his journey from parking garage management to tech leadership, touching on military experiences, career growth, and industry innovation.

30. May 2024


Dani & John’s Most Embarrassing Moments as Parking Professionals

In this episode of "Parking Perspectives," Dani Crain and John D. Conway share their most awkward moments explaining their careers in the parking industry.

13. June 2024


Enhancing Parking with Technology: Brian Wolff

Buckle up for a smooth ride into the future of parking with tech extraordinaire Brian Wolff on today's episode!